Mar 012013

ISES Tri-State Chapter Council Meeting, February 21, 2013
Attendees: Qingyu Meng, Zhi-Hua (Tina) Fan, Mike Zelenka, Rose Zaleski, Joanne Held, Rick Opiekun, Phil Hopke, Jennifer Therkorn, Kathy Black

Meeting Summary:

  1. We asked for nominations for Secretary and Webmaster. Linda Everett was nominated for Webmaster. No nominations were received for Secretary. Jen, currently Student Councillor at Large, is willing to assume the position of Secretary. Tina suggested that the student with the next highest number of votes be asked to assume the position of Student Councillor at Large.
  2. The by-laws need to be clarified to determine if the chapter president can appoint members to fill vacant positions or if an election needs to be held. The ISES allows a temporary appointment with the stipulation that an election be held within 3 months of the vacancy. Joann suggested that we allow the President to appoint both the Secretary and Student Councillor at Large, but should the Treasurer’s position become vacant, we hold an election. The revised by-laws will be circulated for comments and input within the Chapter Council before sent out for vote by the general members of the ISES Tri-State Chapter.
  3. Rose informed us that a representative of each regional chapter attend the ISES board’s meetings. Meng will send an email to Rich Fenske asking that he be added to the next ISES board’s meeting. The chapter is also permitted to have a booth at the society’s general meeting.
  4. Some suggested topics for the spring regional meeting are: Exposome (Paul Lioy) and An Overview about Grant Applications (Eileen Murphy). Rick suggested that the exposures related to Superstorm Sandy (both the event and the remediation) would be very timely and interesting.
  5. The suggested time for the spring meeting is mid-May, after student finals. Phil pointed out a potential conflict with a major Adirondack meeting. We will need to have the regional meeting before or after.
  6. The meeting will be structured to have a shared webinar between EOHSI and Clarkson University. Tina will advise Meng on the requirements at EOHSI.
  7. One goal is to allow students to present posters at the meeting. Rick suggested that students email a poster hand-out version so that both sites could share student posters. Mike suggested that students be allowed a few minutes to present their posters during the meeting. A committee will be formed to rate the student posters.
  8. A membership meeting will be held prior to any presentations. Other societies (AWMA/SETAC) will be invited to attend the presentation portion. The invitations will be made through personal contacts with the other organizations.
  9. The newsletter will be released prior to the regional meeting (est. April). The newsletter will consist of an announcement of the election results, a mention of the ISES meeting in Basel, and the link to the new website (if ready). The newsletter will also mention any joint grants of interest and employment opportunities. Meng and Jen will send an email asking for input on: chapter affairs, joint grants of interest, and employment opportunities. Jen will take a lead on the newsletter.
  10. Meng will work with Linda on the website development. The draft webpage will be circulated for comments and input.