Feb 192014

 Date and Time:  February 17, 2014, 12 – 1 pm
Attendees: Qingyu Meng, Zhi-Hua (Tina) Fan, Rick Opiekun, Phil Hopke, Kathy Black, Jennifer Therkorn, Michael Zelenka, Joann Held

Topics discussed:

  1. Spring general meeting
    • To be held in May
    • Possible topics for meeting speaker
      • Climate change and human exposure issues related to the SOAS study (http://soas2013.rutgers.edu/)
      • Alternative fuel vehicles and differences caused to population exposures by using or promoting these vehicles
      • Exposure to nanomaterials from nanotechnology-enabled consumer products
  2. Council election year
    • Timeframe for election process is described in the bylaws
    • Process begins around summer time by recommending candidates for positions
    • Ballots go out to voters in September and final results of voting due in December
  3. Newsletters
    • Good for keeping in touch with Chapter throughout year
  4. Student travel program
    • $300 will be given to a student as reimbursement for travel related and/or conference attendance related costs
    • Students must be registered full-time at their university
    • The student must be presenting at the annual ISES conference
    • A committee will be organized to review applicant materials – committee size will be determined by the number of applications received
    • The committee will evaluate applicants using a standardized scoring sheet to rate the following applicant materials:
      • An application form from our website used to obtain basic applicant information and adviser signature to verify that the rest of the student’s travel expenses will be met
      • A letter of support from the student’s adviser
      • A one page summary written by student which must address:
        • Their research goals
        • How their research relates to bigger picture exposure science issues
        • Relevance of their research to the ISES Tri-State Chapter area
        • Why they want to attend the meeting
    • Meng and Jennifer will revise the application form and student travel program guidelines to send out to the Council for final review and approval