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Membership in the ISES Tri-State Chapter is open to and encouraged for scientists and students in NJ, NY and PA whose interests are aligned with those of the Chapter. To become a member, complete and submit the form below. After submitting the form, pay by check, following the mailing instructions on the form. Annual dues (January 1 – December 31): $15 for students and $30 for all others. 

Thank you!

For Paypal payment, please pay here:

For check payment, please make check payable to International Society of Exposure Science and mail your payment to:

Neha Sunger, Ph.D.
West Chester University
855 S. New Street
315 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Why Become a Member?

Some of the benefits of chapter membership:

  • Exchange ideas to improve research
  • Build contacts for career development
  • Gain experience in presentations
  • Find new research and career opportunities
  • Publish meeting abstracts on our website
  • Win awards in our poster/presentation competitions
  • Win student travel awards for attending an annual ISES meeting
  • Keep up to date on current topics with our biannual newsletter

Collection of Dues

Dues collection is important to help maintain the sustainability of the chapter and to encourage chapter growth.

  1. The following four announcements will be sent every year via email:
    1. December (a reminder that membership renewals will begin each January)
    2. Mid-January (a reminder for a full membership)
  2. Announcements will be sent to:
    1. The chapter email list assembled from meeting attendance sheets and the newsletter signup form
    2. Chapter treasurer (Neha Sunger) will maintain the list of paid members
  3. Payment options
    1. Online payment: An online form for payment through the ISES Tri-State Chapter website has been established with payment conducted through PayPal – see the  “Submit Membership Application” tab on this page.
    2. Traditional payment: Members who prefer to send a check can still do so by sending a check along with the membership application/renewal form to our treasurer, Neha Sunger. The address for sending checks and the membership application/renewal form can be downloaded from the “Submit Membership Application” tab on this page.